We are BackHammer

First of all , Welcome to our Label Group family.

We are a small agile label group, currently with two family members.
Backhammer Records This is where we release House/soulful/deep/jackin and is also where it all started. Then we have our newer baby Backhammer Electro this is where we release EDM style of house music ,Commercial house music and minimal / tech house.

Our goal has been and will always be to focus 100% on Dance music since our launch 2006. We always want to connect with the new, fresh and up-and-coming artists and producers to bring the tools to the Dj´s for the global dance generation

Backhammer Label Group being some what of a child and launched in internet era use only digital single/album releases, Dont get us wrong we love the feel and smell of a fresh 12inch vinyl record release. But in the era of digital distribution where you need to be agile nothing beats the Digital release which makes a release be accomplished from paper sign to consumer availability in matter of a week or two  .